Our Priorities

To be the leading focused-approach review and training center for USMLE Steps and to provide quality US Clinical Experience (USCE) to medical students and professionals worldwide.

See What Makes Us Different

Where Our Students Come From

NYCSPREP has built a reputation around the world as a premiere center for USMLE prep and as such has attracted international students from many different countries including, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, India, China, Japan, Nigeria,
Pakistan, Egypt, France, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador and many others. NYCSPREP also has partnered with many schools in the United States and the caribbean in offering exclusive CS prep workshops to their medical students.

We Care

NYCSPREP cares about each and every individual that walks through our doors. We appreciate that a lot of time, money and effort is being invested by students preparing for the USMLEs and don’t take that lightly. We place close attention to the needs of all our students and treat everyone as an individual. We don’t believe in a cookie cutter approach and therefore closely monitor the progress of all our students to ensure everyone achieves their set goals. We have invested heavily in resources we provide our students in providing them with an ideal learning environment and the necessary support to see them succeed.

A Place To Practice

Unlike other CS programs NYCSPREP has a dedicated OSCE center that can be utilized by students before and after their CS workshop too practice amongst each other
and if they so choose with Standardized Patients for one-on-one sessions. WIth a CS workshop offered almost every week, we continuously have an influx of new students and therefore peers for students to practice with for their CS exam. Our dedicated patient note platform on www.step2cs.com is made available for students to save their notes and have them reviewed on a regular basis by MDs.